Chelmsford Rambling Club

Walks Library

We have a wealth of old walks, left to us by past members, that may be of interest to members to walk out and resurrect.

If you are looking for a new walk then these may be if interest.*

How to use the walks library

1.    Click here to access the on-line library.

     For each walk this will show:

         Town or village where the walk starts

         Grid Reference for the start

         Length of walk in miles

         Any significant place on the route

         The relevant OS Explorer map for the walk

         Whether or not there is any description of the walk included


2.    If you wish to search the sheet for a suitable length of walk or start point you can copy the table (right mouse click anywhere on the table, select all and then select copy) and paste this into your spreadsheet program (such as Excel).


3.    Having selected a walk you can open the file by clicking on the reference number, and print.


4.    Go to the relevant Explorer map

         Locate the start point using the Grid Reference

         Using the printout, follow the route of the walk

         This will usually be a combination of footpaths, bridleways and public roads

         Make sure you are clear about the route before walking it out


5.    Good Luck!



It must be stressed that some of these walks may not have been used for upwards of ten years, during which time Public Rights of Way may have been re-routed, and it is essential that they be walked out and checked for problems before being put on the programme.


Please be mindful that some of these walks may already have been used by current members. It may be worth checking recent walk programmes in the archive to avoid duplication.

Found an issue with a walk?

If any issues are encountered with any walk, please contact the Footpath Officer so that updates can be made to the library. Thank you.




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