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The club now has a few walking groups organised by some of our members, which fall under the clubs umbrella. Details of these and the organisers are detailed below with further contact details in the word document.

We have also taken the opportunity to update our advice on walking on groups for both walkers and leaders below.

Walk leaders Contact details.

 Please contact the organiser and ask to be included on their e-mail distribution list (or any communication tool they may use) for the walks they are coordinating.

Wednesday morning half day, Easy pace 

Maggie Say

Wednesday morning, half day, Standard pace 

2 Groups

Martin Smith

Steve Freight

Wednesday, all day, standard pace

Steve Frostick

Friday afternoon, standard pace

Julie Payne

Saturday afternoon, standard pace

Martin Smith

Sunday all day, standard pace

Debbie Collins

For security, full contact details are in this document, which is Password protected using this year’s Password, which can be found on your last newsletter. If you do not have access to the password please contact us. Thank you

Walking Under Covid-19

 Due to COVID-19 we have to change the way our group walks are organised. By taking a few extra measures, we can keep each other safe.

This guide outlines the steps that everyone must take when joining a Walk Organised under the Club Banner.

Finding a walk

Check the walk listing


         Look at the walk listings to help you choose a walk – you may want to try a shorter or easier route if you haven’t been walking as much as you normally would. If you’re unsure, or have any questions, please contact the walk leader or named contact.

If appropriate, book onto the walk in advance


         Our walks are currently limited to a maximum of 30 people – although some may be smaller. We askthat you to sign up for the walk in advance with the walk leader directly to confirm your place. If things change and you can’t make it, please cancel your place, or let the walk leader or contact person know as soon as possible.


o   You should arrange for all walks to be published on our Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook member one of your regular walkers probably is, and can publicise there. Create an E-mail group or similar and send details to all walkers who have expressed an interest in joining your walks.

o   You are required to take and keep a register of all those attending walks. The list should include Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail address.

Before the walk

Check for symptoms  

         If you have any COVID-19 symptoms you must not attend the group walk.

 Clothing and what to take

          Wear suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions as per the club’s Walkers Notes. Please bring your own alcohol based hand sanitiser, face covering and basic first aid kit.

         Leaders: We recommend that the walk leader also brings a first aid kit.

Getting to the walk

          Plan how you will get to the walk, where possible, minimising the use of car sharing and public transport. Follow the latest government advice on travel and transport in England, Wales and Scotland.

On the walk

Follow the government guidelines on physical distancing.

          Listen to the walk leader’s briefing so you know what to do and follow the latest guidelines.

Register your attendance

          Provide the Walk Leader with your contact details to support NHS contact tracing, so that we can provide this to NHS contact tracers if needed.

Avoid touching gates and stiles where possible

          If you do – wash your hands as soon as you can. We recommend carrying alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

         Do not share food & drink, or equipment such as walking poles

Walk responsibly and enjoy it!

          When other walkers are passing, remember to stand back and give way. Let the walk leader or backmarker know if you are having problems, feel unwell, or need to slow down or stop.

After the walk

If you have symptoms

          If you develop symptoms after the walk, apply for a COVID-19 test and support NHS contact tracing if requested. If NHS contact tracers ask for the details of anyone on the walk, please put them in touch with the appropriate Walk Leader(s) for those walks you attended during the period requested.

         Leaders: You are required to keep the register and provide this to the NHS contact tracers when requested to do so. This should be done even if you feel walks are informal as best practice.

Informal walks

We know there are some informal groups walking within the rule of six. As these walks are not published on Facebook and we are not detailing the organisers, we must make clear that these are not walks sanctioned by the club and are therefore walked at your risk and do not benefit from having the protection the club offers, such as Public Liability insurance.



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