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Coronavirus Update

Update 20th December 2020


Now that we have moved to Tier 4, all walks are again suspended. Once we are able to walk again this page will be updated accordingly.


Update 18th December 2020


Regarding walking in Tier 3 Covid areas, we have sought clarification of the term Neighbouring Area from the Ramblers Association and they advise that Essex is being treated as two areas, Tier 2 and Tier 3.  This means that as a club we can walk in Tier 3 areas providing we do not cross boundaries into Tier 2.
For clarification, they have advised that our single Tier 3 area comprises the District Council areas of Basildon, Braintree, Brentwood, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Epping Forest, Harlow, Maldon, Rochford, Southend on Sea and Thurrock.


Update 15th December 2020 (Effective 00:01 16th December 2020)

The Ramblers have updated their advice follows:

"Whether you’re organising your own walk with friends and family, or joining a Ramblers group walk, the travel restrictions are the same: you should not travel to or from Tier 3 (Very High Alert) areas, including neighbouring Tier 3 areas, either to start your walk or as part of your walk."

and we will be following this.

As the government have designated areas within Essex as Tier 3 this means that individuals cannot travel to different areas within Essex to join walks.


Walks resume 2nd December 2020.

This Covid pandemic is definitely keeping us on our toes as far as walking is concerned! Can we, can’t we? How many in a group? What conditions apply? But at least we are now seeing light at the end of a very long tunnel!!

Lockdown finishes early Wednesday morning 2 December and we will be able to walk again from then either under the Club banner with more than 6 people or in a social group of no more than 6 people. For both types of group, Covid and Government rules will apply as before lockdown. The rules and conditions are available on our website.

There is still no published programme but all walks planned will be advertised on Facebook.

Lets all get back to walking again and look forward to Spring of 2021 when we might be seeing some sort of normality returning to our lives.


Maggie Say


AGM Postponed

With the Covid pandemic still rearing its ugly head, it will be impossible to hold the AGM of the Club as planned.  For the AGM to take place it would need a quorum of 20 people and currently, that is impractical and illegal.  
Under the circumstances, the Committee, en bloc,  has agreed to stand until such time we can hold the meeting,  which I believe will not be until next November.  In the meantime, your Committee will carry on working on your behalf.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
The yearly Accounts have been submitted and signed off by our Auditor Dave Skinner.  Our thanks to Dave for all his efforts.  If anyone has any questions regarding the accounts or wishes to have a copy then please contact our Treasurer, Julie Payne.
Please keep walking and stay safe, normality is somewhere around the corner.
Maggie Say


Walks Suspended

So sorry to advise that in accordance with the Government guidelines and on the advice of the Ramblers Association, all Club group walks are cancelled from Thursday 5 November for 4 weeks.

Hopefully this lockdown will only last the 4 weeks. i am sure like me, you will still enjoy walking through this lockdown. Why do I have a sense of deja vu!!

Maggie Say




The Government has announced that from 14 September social gatherings of more than 6 people will be banned in England - but there are some exceptions. Organized group walks of up to 30 people which follow the Ramblers’ operational guidance are categorised as ‘outdoor physical activity events’ and are exempt from the latest restrictions . However, this is only when walks follow agreed protocols and include extra measures to reduce risk of Covid-19 transmission.
We currently have informal walks that take place but when these are made up of more than 6 people they will have to become CRC group walks. However, there is no rush. We want to adopt a cautious approach, with decisions on when and how to resume to regular weekly walks left to the groups themselves. Currently things are so fluid regarding Covid-19 that nobody knows where we will be even in a weeks time!!
It is important to be aware that any group resuming ‘official’ Club walks must operate in a different way from in the past. The Government guidance requires the Club
  • to ensure that any ‘official’ walk is risk assessed in advance by the leader, focussing on issues of Covid-19 transmission , with a record kept for a year.
  • To keep contact details of everyone booking onto an ‘official’ Club walk to be kept for 21 days as there may be a NHS track and trace follow up. This may seem a bit daunting but in reality, we need to note if there are any styles or gates that require walkers to use hand gel, the leader needs to have a mask available in case they need to offer assistance and remind the Group to social distance at all times.
  • to publish walks at least a week in advance and
  • to ensure anyone wanting to walk should phone the walk leader and advise of their intentions to walk.

This is all essential information if we are to offer walks to our members.

Some groups may conclude that they are unwilling to resume regular walks - others may be willing to offer a trial walk for a limited number of people. We cannot produce a comprehensive walks programme and ‘official’ walks on offer will only be advertised on line a week or so in advance.
Details of the current walk leaders can be found in the latest Newsletter.
We are operating in very difficult times and no doubt there will be problems in coming to terms with the new norm.
Let’s walk forward together.

Any queries please contact me. Thank you.

Margaret Say

Walks will be published on Facebook and here.




CHAIRMAN'S UPDATE 25 November 2020

The Covid 19 virus seems determined to stay with us and cause us problems.   The Ramblers Association and the Government COVID rules clearly state we can walk in groups of up to 30 people as we are classed as an outdoor physical activity.   Whilst some of our members are happy to walk in larger groups and under the rules of our club, others are happier walking in informal groups of no more than 6 people.
To simplify matters we are posting on the club website contact details of the current types of walk and the people who are organising these Club walks.  If you are interested in any of the walks, please contact the organiser to find out details.  Each group will also post forthcoming walks on the Facebook page.  
Steve Freight has put together the latest COVID rules for participating in these walks.  These can be viewed here on the Club website.  
Nobody can say with any certainty when we will get back to any normality but let’s all do our best to keep the Club up and running as best we can. All suggestions to me will be welcome.
Maggie Say




You may have seen that the Ramblers Association website advises that groups of up to 30 can now walk, which seems to go against the directive from the Government which states that only 6 people from different households can socialise together at a safe distance.

We have queried this with them and considered their response. Although they advise that up to 30 people can now walk together, they also say that it is down to the discretion of individual clubs if and when they return to rambling.

Any return to walking would mean increased responsibilities being put on walk leaders (not all of whom would still wish to lead walks under the current circumstances) such as arranging pre-bookings, keeping a register of participants and in the event of issues, becoming a track and trace coordinator.

The Committee, having considered everything, and also taking into account the views of those members currently walking in small unofficial groups, have decided that the safety of our members is paramount and that the Club should not return to formal Club activities until such time the situation considerably improves.

We will, or course, continue to monitor the situation. For up to date information, please check the website, our Facebook page, sign up to the e-mail list or contact me at any time.

A newsletter will be issued within the next two weeks.

Maggie Say
6 August 2020


E-mail Distribution List

If you have not signed up to our e-mail distribution list and wish to be kept abreast of the latest position regarding our walking activities, please send and email to and ask to be added.

Update 18th May

All Walks and Club Activities are now cancelled until Further Notice.

Update 25th March

The Ramblers Association are reviewing their advice daily and we would recommend that their advice be followed wherever practical.

Update 17th March - All walks Cancelled until 31st May

Please note that all walks are cancelled until at least the 31st May.
As we are affiliated to the Ramblers Association we are following their advice for the well being of our members.
You will see that they are saying that walking independently is still permissible.
For full details of their statement please follow this link.
Thank you.

We are also suspending ALL club activities during this period too.


Coronavirus – Message from the Committee

We take our members' health seriously, and we do not intend to be prescriptive in our thoughts on whether walks should or should not take place. We feel we are all capable of making our own decisions about what is right for us.

Unless Government guidelines change our walks will continue.

However, if a walk leader wishes to cancel, for their own well-being, then they should be free to do so and members should respect that decision and they should not be under any pressure to find someone else to lead.

If anyone wishes to cancel a walk then please post on Facebook and /or contact Steve and he will send out an e-mail to the group. 

 Regarding the e-mail list please remind people on walks that they should request to be added to the list for up to date information, as this will be the quickest way to hear any updates.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who does not have internet or e-mail access.

Thank you.

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Ramblers Association Statement on Coronavirus


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